• Clarindo Almeida

Decisions can change a life

I believe everybody knows about Abrahams and how he was called to be a blessing for all mankind.

His nephew, Lot, followed him when he left Ur to go to the place where God would show Abraham. That was a good decision, knowing that God had promised a blessing upon his uncle's life. Genesis 12:1-5

And they stayed together for many years and I believed Lot was blessed for those years.

Then they started having problems: Lot was so blessed … He needed more space for blessings. Genesis 13: 7, 8

Lot made a decision to leave alone, by his own decisions. He decided his way of life. His style, his own adventures. He was a grown up man; he had his own life… and etc.

Genesis 13: 12-13 – He decided to live near Sodom and Gomorrah – The land was beautiful, full of natural attractions…. But men who lived there were wicked (bed people) and were sinning greatly against God.

The land was beautiful, rich full of excitement, but the people who lived that land were walking against God.

Doesn't it sound similar????

Lot became a slave in Sodom…. When you decide to live your life far from the blessing of the Lord you become a slave – Genesis 14:12

He was rescued by Abraham but insisted living in Sodom…

In Genesis 19:1 we read that Lot was visited by 2 angels and they gave him a message from God… "_Sodom was going to be destroyed!!!"

Although, Lot got a message from God, he hesitated. Genesis 19:15-16

He decided to live near Sodom… verse 20. He wanted to live on the boarder. The Bible adverts us that we should keep far from sin.

In the verse 26 – Lot's became a salt statue…. She wanted to continue living in Sodom (in her heart) and died with that city… No looking back…

He ended up living in a cave and having children with his own daughters… what a life!!!!!!

He wanted to [protect his family and give them the best… and they became victims.

God has sent us angels (Pastors, his disciples) with messages about the place we are living and where we can end up.

The Bible tells us that Jesus came to give us life …. Abundant life - John 10:10

As the angels guided Lot and his family out of Sodom, Jesus has pointed us the way to eternal life. John 14:6 – I am the way.

The decision to be made is in John 3:6

Don't hesitate in making this decision now. It's the most important decision in your life and it can't be done tomorrow. It has to be done now.

That will take your death penalty away and give you eternal life. Romans 3:23 Romans 6:23

You will get what you plant – Galatians 6:8

You can do it now…. Repenting from your sins and receiving Jesus as your personal Saviour…. Amen

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