• Clarindo Almeida

A new name

What name have you received from your parents? What does it mean? Do you like your name? David, Rebecca, Abraham, Mary – Good names, aren’t they? What about Lucifer, Deceiver, Thief? Would you like to be called like that? What name have your family received? Bankrupted, destroyed, the losers or any other that came to your mind… now. Let’s read Genesis 25:26 – Isaac gave a name to his second son – Jacob – it means deceiver – the one who grasps the other’s heel… Year after year listening the same thing: Come here Deceiver, do this Deceiver… and etc. Jacob was brought up as a deceiver and everybody knew him like that… How have you been known? What’s the label that you have got? Nobody is born to be a deceiver? A loser… But you become what you believe… You get what you say… We have to take care of our mouth… what we say about other people and about ourselves. Jacob believed that he was a deceiver and he started acting like that. That was the highlights of his name. Everything he did was done by the deceiver… No way to change that… Maybe you think that your life cannot be different. His father didn’t like him – He was rejected – Verse 27 He started acting like the label he had – He started deceiving. Verse 29-34. About Esau - When you don’t understand your rights before God you despise it – You give it for nothing… Verse 32 and 34 He gave up his right for a plate of meat… is his heart, the blessing that was on his right, meant nothing. To deceive someone – To sin, you receive the help of everybody, even your mother. Genesis 27:8-10 The name will be used – Verse 20,21 You will insist on lying… Verse 24 Your family will confirm your status – Deceiver – Verse 36 But a deceiver doesn’t have peace – It seems that when you get your blessing, you have to give it up and flee away… Life becomes harder and harder. But let me tell you something: “ Even being a deceiver, the blessing that Our Heavenly Father gives us it’s ours… It belongs to us… He doesn’t change it. Genesis 28:1 and 4. The devil will always tell you that the blessing God has given you, He will take it back… That it will not happen… The great deceiver will steal your faith because it’s impossible to please God without faith. God will always fulfil His promises in your life… You won’t have a half blessing. Genesis 28:15 Jesus is not a liar … He is the truth. A deceiver will be also deceived. Genesis 29:18,21,25 and 31:7 How are you feeling today? Deceived by a situation? Lost… God wants to fulfil his promises in your life…. For that you have to open your heart for him… • You have to return to the position where you were called – You have to be in the place where God wants. • You have to do things in God’s ways, not yours - Listen to God (Genesis 31:3) And if you obey Him, He will be with you. Genesis 32:1 Fight with God in prayers – He will bless you. God doesn’t want to beat you but bless you Genesis 32:23-30 • It’s a personal experience – Nobody can take your place and do it for you. Verse 23 • You have to persevere – verse 26 • You will have your name changed – verse 29 Don’t despise what you have got in Jesus… How can you have your name changed now? • Being born again, if you haven’t done it yet… John 3:1 • God really wants to change your life and give you a new name. John 3:16 • You have to invite Jesus to your life • Renounce your old name, your old life, your old style of life… • Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you by the truth. • Preserve your new name… don’t eat again what you have vomited. You cannot serve 2 gods. Once, you have got your new name… keep going forward, not backward. Revelations 2:17 and 3:12 God bless you Clarindo

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